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"I've already tried a lot of different kinds of sports. However, after some time they weren't interesting anymore.." If this happens then it wasn't the right sport for you. Find out which sport fits you best.

"Is there something I should know before I start running?! Click here and find out what you should know for your perfect start.

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Hi, I'm Marlene from Austria. I love to do some sports in the nature. You can see me running or hiking through the mountains, riding my bicycle or going for a swim.


Finde deinen individuellen Trainingsplan

You want to run a 5k race under 25 minutes? Then find out how it works.


Du bist schon öfters 5km gelaufen, doch nun willst du endlich die 30 Minuten Grenze knacken? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Erfahre jetzt, wie du deine ersten 5 km unter 30 Minuten schaffst.


Here you'll find out how to run 5k without a break. Furthermore, I will find the perfect plan for your first 5k race.


Nachdem mein 5 KM Lauf so gut lief, war mein nächstes Ziel 10,5 KM – einen Viertelmarathon – unter 55 Minuten zu schaffen. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, erstellte ich mir einen Plan.

5k race

At my 5k races in the past I usally had a time around 26 minutes. Last year I managed to run 2 minutes faster.

My detailed plan including intervals helped me to reach 5k in 24:04 minutes.

Runmylean ist überglücklich über ihre Zeit bei ihrem ersten Viertelmarathon. Sie konnte die 10,5 Kilometer unter 55 Minuten laufen.

My first Quarter Marathon

under 55 minutes

For my first quater marathon I had a great goal: I wanted to reach 10,5 k under 55 minutes.

During my whole training period I couldn't reach my established goal. So I wasn't sure if I could manage to run that fast during my race. However, it seemed very good. The first 5 kilometers passed very quickly. At the following kilometers I had an average pace of 05:30. "I can do this" I said to myself and continued to run fast.

The result was great: 54 minutes and 42 seconds

Runmylean lauft ihren ersten Berglauf, den Großglocknerberglauf, von Heiligenblut bis zur Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. So entsteht ihre Leidenschaft für trailrunning.

Trailrunning at the Großglockner

Hard but beautiful

Some years ago I wasn't even dreaming about running at the highest montain of Austria.

In July 2019 I really did it: I ran 14 kilometers and 1265 meters in altitude from Heiligenblut to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Altogether it took me 2 hours and 41 minutes through the beautiful landscape.

At the top of Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe I was more than happy and set a new goal.

Nächstes Jahr werde ich eine Zeit unter 02:30 Stunden anpeilen.

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Trainingsplan: 5 KM - unter 25 Min.
Trainingsplan: 5 KM Lauf unter 30 Min.

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