Runmylean läuft das erste Mal 5 km unter 25 Min.

Training plan: 5k under 25 minutes

Runmylean läuft das erste Mal 5 km unter 25 Min.

You want to improve your pace, but you don’t know how to do it? Then you are at the right place! I’ll show you how I’ve reached 5 kilometers under 25 minutes.

Last year I could accomplish my goal: During my 5 kilometer race I was two minutes faster than the year before. It was the first time for me that I could break 25 minutes for 5k. This was a great success, because it meant an average pace of less than 5 minutes per kilometer or about 8 minutes per mile. Now I’m going to show you how I managed to do it.

My training plan: 25 minutes for 5k

To reach 5k under 25 minutes I divided my training program into three different parts

      • Interval Session
      • Long Run
      • Tempo Run

Bei allen drei Einheiten hatte ich immer meinen Herzfrequenzsensor (wie zum Beispiel) dabei, damit ich stets im passenden Herzfrequenzzonen-Bereich lief. Zusätzlich ging ich noch ins Fitnessstudio oder am Wochenende auf den Berg.

Interval Session

At the beginning interval training was something new for me. That’s why I started with very short sessions. Commonly intervals are done by distance. However, it was more comfortable to do it by time.

I started my interval workout with 30 seconds running and 50 seconds recovery jogging. After some time I managed to do 2 minutes running and 50 seconds jogging. During the intervals it is very important that you are running very fast. Ideally you should reach 85-90% of your maximum heart rate .

To accomplish your goal 5k under 25 min. you should repeat the intervals 4-6 times. You can vary the number of intervals accordingly to the time and distance you are running.

Long Run

With the long run you will learn to hold a certain pace for a longer distance. To get a feeling of my body I used to run 7-8 kilometers with 70-75% of my maximum heart rate.

At the beginning of the run the pace might seem quite slow. However, this will change towards the end. Therefore, make sure that you don’t exceed 70-75% of your maximum heart rate during the whole run.

Tempo Run

To get used to the 5k race I did a 5 kilometer run once a week. At the beginning of my training I tried to hold 80% of my maximum heart rate during the whole run. After some weeks I managed to run 5k with 85% of my maximum heart rate.

Keep in mind that the tempo run should be very fast. It’s better to run a short distance rather fast than to run a longer distance kind of slow.

So, if you can’t manage to run 5k with such a speed try to run 3 kilometers or 1,5 miles. After some time you will be able to run more kilometers with the same pace.


To reach 5k under 25 minutes you need a plan and lots of discipline. If you manage to run 5k under 30 minutes, you already have a basic endurance. Then you only have to train your pace. The most effective way to do it are intervals. With a long distance run, a tempo run and intervals you will get faster and stronger. After some weeks including intensive training you will be able to run 5k under 25 minutes.

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